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Re: Performance issue with guile-2.2

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: Performance issue with guile-2.2
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2017 16:22:47 +0200

2017-04-11 12:28 GMT+02:00 Vijay Pratap Chaurasia <address@hidden>:
> Hi,
>      I have a tool which compares live data between two sources. I found
> that the program runs more than 3 times slower than the same with
> guile-2.0.11 . I have done profiling but there was nothing special to point
> out. All most all calls were taking more than double the time compare to
> guile-2.0.11. It is contrary to the claim of 30% performance boost with
> guile-2.2 release. Can some one point the possible reason for slowness?
> I have created a simple test program which reports the diff of two alist.
> *time  /home/guile-2.2/bin/guile -s ./performanceTest.scm*
> real    0m34.375s
> user    0m37.616s
> sys     0m0.361s
> *time /home/guile-2.0/bin/guile -s ./performanceTest.scm*
> real    0m18.939s
> user    0m18.829s
> sys     0m0.104s

Hi vijay,

I'm from LilyPond, where we have our own problems with every
guile-2.x, we still use guile-1.8.
So I'm very interested in performance problems.

Though, I can't confirm your observations.
Admittedly I used 2.0.14, with this I get: (built from recent master)

real    0m31.642s
user    0m33.272s
sys     0m0.184s

2.0.14 (built from the released tarball)

real    1m39.361s
user    1m41.832s
sys     0m0.224s

Pity it doesn't work for guile-1.8...

One other thing, please attach your files, or at least teach your
e-mail-client not to insert *-signs at every line-break etc.
Regardless whether there should be a line-break or not.

Reformated versions are attached, if someone else want to check, too.


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