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[ANN] gzochi project development release 0.11

From: Julian Graham
Subject: [ANN] gzochi project development release 0.11
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2017 21:19:16 -0400

Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce the next development release of the gzochi
game development framework.

gzochi (/zoʊ-tʃiː/) is a programming framework for developing
massively multiplayer online games in Guile Scheme, and distributed
middleware for hosting them. It abstracts and simplifies some of the
most challenging and error-prone aspects of online game development:
Concurrency, data persistence, and network communications. A very thin
client library can be embedded to provide connectivity for client
applications written in any language.

This is another large release, with a focus on making more
functionality available when running a cluster of gzochi application
servers coordinated by a meta server. Building upon the previous
release, this version enhances the distributed storage engine to
support cooperative lock release, allowing access to data by every
node in the cluster; and adds message routing capabilities to the meta
server for handling point-to-point and broadcast message delivery
across nodes.

In addition, this release includes the following notable changes:

* Wireshark protocol dissectors for the client-server and server-meta
server wire protocols are now included in the distribution

* The web admin consoles launched by the server and meta server
provide more information about the topology of the cluster

* ...and more! As usual, see the NEWS files in the distribution for details

This is a development release; the framework is not bug-free.
Nonetheless, there's extensive server and client documentation, and
the distribution includes three example games with heavily-annotated
source code. For more information, visit the web site at or check out the project page on
Savannah, at -- you can
pick up the release from the downloads section.


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