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Re: guile-sjson's first public release (v0.2)!

From: Marko Rauhamaa
Subject: Re: guile-sjson's first public release (v0.2)!
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2017 08:14:14 +0300
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Christopher Allan Webber <address@hidden>:
>   ((name . "buttercup")
>    (age . 6)
>    (animal . "horse")
>    (food . #("carrot" "oats"))
>    (mood-noises
>      ("frustrated" . "haurrrfff")
>      ("happy" . "neiiiigh")
>      ("angry" . "*SNORT*")))
> I'd be open to the change... if we're going to do the change, we
> should do it now, when I'm pretty much the only user. I wonder what
> David Thompson thinks?

Another thing: guile-sjson boldly uses Guile's

   null -> #nil

It is of course handy for the purpose but highly Guile-specific. I
wonder if

   null -> #:null

might create less grief down the road.


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