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Using R7RS symbol syntax in guile

From: sidhu1f
Subject: Using R7RS symbol syntax in guile
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2017 19:44:10 +0530

Could someone please explain the following seemingly counterintuitive
behavior regarding the r7rs syntax for symbols (symbol #foo is
expressed as |#foo| using r7rs syntax, more info in sec. of guile
ref. manual).

When I invoke 'guile -s' on a file containing:

  (read-enable 'r7rs-symbols)
  (display (symbol->string '|#foo|)) (newline)
  (use-modules (test-r7rs))
  (display (symbol->string '|#foo|)) (newline)

guile 2.2 outputs:


Why the discrepancy? The module (test-r7rs) file contains:

  (define-module (test-r7rs))
  (read-enable 'r7rs-symbols)

Essentially, I'm asking why guile displays the symbol incorrectly (|#foo|)
in the first case but correctly (#foo) in the second.


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