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Re: Guile-CV: Not a GRAY, RGB nor an RGBA image "sand.tif"

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: Guile-CV: Not a GRAY, RGB nor an RGBA image "sand.tif"
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2017 00:23:31 -0200

Hello Mark,

> >> > Yes: your are not in the right directory wrt guile, and this flename 
> >> > 'does not
> >> > exists', it does not exists in the directory your are trying to load this
> >> > image, see:

> >> >         scheme@(guile-user)> (getcwd)
> >> >         $5 = "/usr/alto/projects/guile-cv/images"    

> >> unfortunately that's not the problem, I am in the right directory and
> >> the image is there. I still get that error.  

> > This is impossible :), you think you are in the right directory, but you 
> > most
> > likely you are not.  

> David, with all due respect, this last response to Daniele comes off as
> very dismissive and presumptuous to me.

I'm very sorry you did feel this way: that image is part of the images 
with Guile-CV, so it definitely loads, as shown in my pasted an example in the
previous, partially quoted message (by Daniele), quoted (partially) but missing 
working example lines ... Hence my 'this is impossible :)', a funny tone, in my
intention, while an invitation to try other (suggested) things to find out the 
(which is not the image format).

Since that image is distributed with Guile-CV, unless the file was somehow 
(which I also suggest a command to double check), the problem is really a path


Could you try to load the image specifying the full path name and report here

        ,use (cv)
        (im-load "/your-guile-cv-clone-path/doc/images/sand.tif")

> The error message "Not a GRAY, RGB nor an RGBA image" would seem to
> indicate that the image Daniele is attempting to load is not supported
> by the image loading library, or at least that this is a possibility.

That message comes from Guile-CV itself, and intentionally covers both cases. I 
change that.

> ...  I find it hard to believe that the software developer who wrote this code
> would have written "Not a GRAY, RGB nor an RGBA image" if it *always* meant 
> "file
> not found".

I did, nobody is perfect :). It does not *always* mean "file not found", it 
both this case and a 'wrong format' (or corrupted file) ... I'll change that 
and push
a fix asap.


For info:

> According to Wikipedia, TIFF supports image types other than GRAY, RGB,
> and RGBA.  Baseline TIFF also supports bilevel and palette-color images,
> and there are extensions that support CMYK, YCbCr, CIE L*a*b* and
> others.

Guile-CV relies on Vigra for all image formats it allows, and Vigra depends on
third libraries (see Guile-CV and Vigra doc for more info on this) ...  in this
particular case, it will accept and load any tiff file 'accepted' by libtiff.

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