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Re: Guile-CV: Not a GRAY, RGB nor an RGBA image "sand.tif"

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: Guile-CV: Not a GRAY, RGB nor an RGBA image "sand.tif"
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2017 16:43:52 -0200

Hi Daniele,

        this is a long answer, please read carefully, and apply all the steps

> >         Did you install Vigra 'manually?
> >         What is the version of Vigra?

You forgot to answer the above question, but I believe, because of the 
'ldd' report you sent, that you installed Vigra manually, which is
perfect (and expected): debian buster still uses 1.10, and Guile-CV needs Vigra 
(to be fully correct, the libvigra_c upon which Guile-CV depends needs Vigra 

        It is also a lot better in the long run, debian, even buster, is far too
        slow 'for us', as you can see (Vigra 1.11 has been released a while 

However, when you install Vigra manually, you are responsible for the 
of the image format libraries you intend to use, and you are missing 
practically all
of them, let's fix this, see below.

> >         What is the last commit of vigra_c on your side? (just go in the
> > directory where you cloned, run gilt log and grab the first line for me).  
> commit 691b189b05b0e0734376510cbdb256d30725ec96 (HEAD -> master,
> origin/master, origin/HEAD)


> > David  

        as an aside note, please configure your email so it does not wrap long 
        so you can copy paste 'terminal output', and manually ask for wrapping 
        lines,,, thanks!

> (0x00007fffaefc0000)
> => /usr/local/lib/
> ...

This is largely incomplete.  Let's 'trick' to solve this and try to save some 
as well, please try the following:

        1-      install libvigraimpex-dev

                        sudo apt-get install libvigraimpex-dev

                this will install all Vigra dependencies as specified by the 
                team: it will install all image libraries development files for 
                image format Vigra is capable of handling

        2-      recompile Vigra

                cd /your-vigra-source-tree-location/
                make clean
                cmake \
                      -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/vigra \

                        [ in the above steps, substitute the PREFIX as
                        [ appropriate ... I suggest you keep the one you had to
                        [ simplify (otherwise remember to (re)configure
                        [ in /etc/  and run ldconfig as
                        [ root ...

                        at this point, cmake will list all format it will 
accept, so
                        you can double check ...

                make install

        3- recompile libvigra_c

                make clean
                cmake \
                      -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/vigra_c \

                        [ in the above steps, substitute the PREFIX for the
                        [ one used above ...  remember to (re)configure
                        [ in /etc/  and run ldconfig 
                        [ root ...

                make install

        4-      you may safely remove libvigraimpex-dev if you wish, we are not
                using it anyway...

Then try make check in Guile-CV, then make install, and ... it should be fine.


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