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GNU Guix/Guile day just before FOSDEM 2018

From: Amirouche Boubekki
Subject: GNU Guix/Guile day just before FOSDEM 2018
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2017 17:58:28 +0000


Pjort, Ludo and Manolis are organizing a Guix/Guile day just before FOSDEM
2018 at the very beginning of February the 02/02/2018 just before FOSDEM.

They mentioned for accommodation which
is the place where the Guix event is happening.

There is information about the event at

Sadly there is no talks about Guile itself, does anyone want to produce a
talk about Guile? Maybe, I can do it myself, but I am not sure I am
going... Anyway some more guilers must be there!

Or what do you think of this: We make a list of all the awesome stuff that
happened in 2017 and make a few slides about it!

Here is my list:

- Guile ffi helper by Matt Wette: is really a step in the right direction

- Haunt by David Thomson: his static blog generator got more users,

- GNU Foliot by David Pirotte: is the first GNU app written in Guile using

- Guile-CV by David Pirotte: a tool to analyze images using somekind of

- Guile JS backend: Ian Price made the JavaScript compiler backend (and it
works on my machine :)

- Guile 2.2.3 was released, what's new?

Any ideas what else to do a 2017 Guile recap?

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