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Signals / Messages / Events / ...?

From: Christopher Howard
Subject: Signals / Messages / Events / ...?
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2018 20:09:19 -0900

Hi list, forgive me if this is a somewhat vague question... but is
there some kind of framework/system/approach for Guile where you could
have different parts of your code register callback functions to react
to a certain signal or message raised by any other part of the code?
I'm thinking like dbus where I guess you can sort of send off a message
but not really care who receives it. In chickadee you can register
callbacks for the various input events, and i think that basic idea
could be extended so long as (1) you could have any kind of
event/signal you wanted; (2) call backs added could be specified as
either persistent or one-time call-backs.

It seems like it wouldn't be too hard to code something like that with
just lists of callback functions tied to names/data in a tree. But
maybe somebody has already thought of that or would suggest a better

Just running into this challenge in development where a function like
"new-game" has to do 8 different things to 6 different data structures,
but why not instead just have the code dealing with the 6 different
objects register callbacks to receive the 'new-game signal? I think
message passing is the wrong term because in message passing you
specify the message connections between the different objects, right?
Signal bus maybe?


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