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neon: git for structured data [Was: Functional database]

From: Amirouche Boubekki
Subject: neon: git for structured data [Was: Functional database]
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:49:00 +0100
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I tried chez scheme and I think GNU Guile
is a better platform for what I am trying
to achieve, so I am back.

I also know better what I want to achieve.
I will create a triple store that comply
with semantic web standard that is
a RDF triple store. At [0] and [1] you will
find a primer on what is RDF in the former
and the concepts in the latter.


It will also be branch-able etc... like git.

Also, I also plan to implement sparql.
If you find sparql difficult I recommend
the tutorial at [2] in the mean time.
It's not very difficult and looks like SQL.
Hence I also plan to implement sparql [3].


What I want to do is something similar to,
that is a gitlab-like platform for data and replace
the use of git in projects like [4].


Enough talking, what is the status? Well I finished
porting what I had in chez and can now run the following

- In master branch, I commit two triples

- In other branch, that is orphan branch, I commit
  two triples among where one of them overlaps with

- I can query both branch

- In a merge commit, I fix the conflict between both

- I can query the resulting branch and get the expected

The code might be easier to read [5]


What is missing, in order of difficulty:

- microkanren package

- wiredtiger 3 package

- Turtle aka. .ttl format parser

- sparql queries parser

- I am not sure of the status of guile-squee yet

- pluggable backends

If you want to work one of this item, send me an email.

What I plan to work on next:

  There is a semantic difference between neon
  and RDF triple stores. In a triple store you
  can have as many times as you want the same
  attribute given a subject. That is (ref subject)
  doesn't return a proper alist.

There is two other links that remain to be cited



Happy hacking,

Amirouche ~ amz3 ~

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