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What tools do you use with Guile?

From: Erik Edrosa
Subject: What tools do you use with Guile?
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2018 22:04:59 -0400
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Hello everyone,

Something I have been wondering is what tools does the community use to
work on their GNU Guile projects?

What do you use to build your projects? Do you use autotools,
handwritten Makefiles, some other build system, or don't even use any
build tools?

How do you manage your software written in Guile? Do you use a package
manager like GNU Guix, use the build system to install packages, or just
copy files to your project directories?

What do you use to test your projects? srfi-64, guile-lib, or some other

What text editor do you use? GNU Emacs, vim, or some other editor? What
extensions do you use for your editor?

Do you use other languages on Guile? Wisp, Lua, or some other language?

Any other tool worth mentioning?

Erik (OrangeShark)

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