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My Lisp Game Jam entry

From: Mike Gran
Subject: My Lisp Game Jam entry
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2018 08:13:09 -0700
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Hey y'all,

So there was this 10-day game jam for Lisp-like languages, and I put
together a trifling piece of interactive fiction based on an 1911 play
by William S Houghton.

The program itself is mostly the GTK3 toolkit for the GUI and Guile
for the scripting.

Keeping in mind that I wrote this in just a few days, you might find
it somewhat humourous to check out.  The game takes about 10 minutes
to play through.  It has not been widely tested across platforms.

There are Windows and GNU/Linux binaries at

And the source is at

The build script used to make the downloadable builds at

For MinGW, this requires a patched version of Guile branched off of 2.2.3

Mike Gran

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