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Re: German translation of R5RS

From: pelzflorian (Florian Pelz)
Subject: Re: German translation of R5RS
Date: Sun, 13 May 2018 01:44:03 +0200
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Please accept my patches adding a German language info file for R5RS
and fixing some small errors in English R5RS.  I believe the patches
to be reasonably correct.

I’m Cc’ing guile-user because they may have feedback.  I have adapted
the patches to the terminology of SICP’s German translation and
have proofread more thoroughly.

The changes are these:

Silence R5RS build warnings by Makeinfo.

* doc/r5rs/r5rs.texi: Fix code with warnings.

Fix R5RS formatting of space character syntax.

* doc/r5rs/r5rs.texi: Remove space at bad position.

Fix overlong line in the TeX output of R5RS title page.

* doc/r5rs/r5rs.texi: Split line listing R5RS editors in TeX output.

Add German translation of R5RS.

* doc/r5rs/ Translation of r5rs.texi.
* doc/r5rs/ Build and install it.
* doc/translation-rationale-de: Rationale for translation choices.

Find the patches here (and not on the sources mailing list because of
their size, or should I send them there?):

See as a PDF:

Download from my Git:

Build and install with „guix package -f guile-r5rs-de-wip-pf.scm“
(takes some time):

I am not using gettext po files for R5RS because R5RS is static and
will never change.

It now uses the same dircategory as R5RS, so it shows up as

The Algorithmic Language Scheme
* Guile Reader: (guile-reader). A Reader Framework for Guile.
* Guile Reference: (guile).     The Guile reference manual.
* R5RS: (r5rs).                 The Revised(5) Report on Scheme.
* R5RS-de: (           Der Revised(5) Report on Scheme (deutsch).
* SICP: (sicp).                 Structure and Interpretation of Computer
* Guile-SSH: (guile-ssh).       Guile bindings to libssh.

I hope this is OK.  Please respond if not.

Note that this arrangement is currently affected by a mostly harmless
Texinfo bug; after selecting the translated the user may
have to relaunch the info program before she can visit the English in some circumstances; see


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