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Re: A value for "nothing"

From: Edwin Watkeys
Subject: Re: A value for "nothing"
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2018 18:23:07 -0400

Yes, in a way. A measurement is NA if it is not applicable e.g. a color does 
not have a mass, whereas NAV is used in contexts where there is a relevant 
value but it was not retrieved, was lost, was recorded but is indecipherable, 
was recorded but was corrupted, was recorded but was eaten by the dog, or some 
similar reason.

The philosopher in me would say NA is an ontological nothingness whereas NAV is 
an epistemological nothingness.

Edwin Watkeys; 917-324-2435.

> On Sep 15, 2018, at 18:16, HiPhish <address@hidden> wrote:
> "Not available" makes it sound like there something we cannot get a hold of. 
> Like you have a bag, but the contents of the bag are stuck to it, whereas 
> "nothing" makes me think of a bag that's actually empty.
> Edwin Watkeys wrote:
>> In previous work on validated systems in pharma manufacturing monitoring
>> settings, there’s the concept of not available (“NAV”) for measurements
>> which is used in contrast to not applicable (“NA”). We never used null/nil
>> but always one of the above when describing measurements.
>> Edwin Watkeys; 917-324-2435.

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