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Re: A macro containing a mini-macro?

From: HiPhish
Subject: Re: A macro containing a mini-macro?
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2018 00:21:48 +0200

I don't quite follow; having a macro for the byte DSL is simple:

    (define-syntax byte-dsl
       (syntax-rules ()
        ((_ byte) (list byte))
        ((_ count byte) (make-list count byte byte))))

But this requires every byte specification to be written as `(byte-dsl 0x00)`, 
which I want to avoid in my test-case DSL. I want to be able to write

    (test-case 13 (#x01 #x02 (4 #xAB) #xFF))

This requires being able to match either `byte` or `(amount byte)` inside the 
test-case pattern.

address@hidden wrote:
> You can implement the DSL that transforms bytevector descriptions like
> (#xDC (16 #x00)) into a bytevector as a procedure, suppose we call it
> byte-dsl. Then you only need to change u8-list->bytevector with
> byte-dsl. This lets you do what you wanted without the difficult task of
> macros inside macros.

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