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Re: Call for talks: Minimalistic Languages Devroom at FOSDEM 2019

From: Pjotr Prins
Subject: Re: Call for talks: Minimalistic Languages Devroom at FOSDEM 2019
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2018 19:36:23 +0100
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Hello Guilers & Guix!

Another heads up. Deadline for submitting talks is 25th - i.e., this
weekend. We invite talks on your work in Mes, Guix or Guile and
related. FOSDEM is a great place to advertise Guix and the more 
talks we have the better! Don't be shy, we all started once giving a
first talk.

So far, we have 8 talks. If you have an idea for a talk you can post
it to us and we enter it into the system.

Pjotr & Manolis

Guile, Guix, and Lua fellows are organizing the “Minimalistic Languages”
track at this year’s FOSDEM:

Consider submitting a talk about what you’ve been hacking on!

* Minimalistic Languages Devroom call for talks @ FOSDEM 2019

(posted at

We are excited to announce a devroom on minimalistic languages (with
big ideas) at FOSDEM on Saturday February 2nd 2019!

FOSDEM is one of the most important free software conferences and is
hosted annually at Université libre de Bruxelles in Brussels,
Belgium. FOSDEM is fantastic, check last year's schedule for Saturday

Minimalism matters. Minimalism allows for smaller systems that take
less resources and consume less energy. More importantly, free and
open source minimalism allows for secure systems that are easy to
understand. Finally, we believe that minimalism is educational and
brings back the fun of the early days of computing where people learn
to understand systems from the ground up. Speakers will be asked to
accentuate the educational side of their projects.

We have a room Saturday 2 February 2019. We want to invite you to
submit a talk on the use of minimalistic languages that fits that
description. We are especially happy to receive talk submissions from
members of any underrepresented groups.

If you have something you’d like to share with your fellow developers,
please head to pentabarf at


The deadline for submission is November 25th. If you have a FOSDEM
pentabarf account from a previous year, please use that
account. Otherwise add one on Reach out to
address@hidden if you run into any trouble.

When submitting your talk make doubly sure to select "Minimalistic
Languages devroom" as track (if you don't we won't find it), and
include the following information:

  * The title and subtitle of your talk
  * A short abstract of one paragraph
  * A longer description if you wish to do so
  * Links to related websites/blogs etc

Let's make this a fun day!

** Organisers

Pjotr Prins, Manolis Ragkousis, Hisham Muhammad, Ricardo Wurmus,
Ludovic Courtès, Jan Nieuwenhuizen, Alex Sassmannshausen, and Amirouche Boubekki

** Code of conduct


** Original proposal


** Important dates:

  - Nov 25th 2018:  submission deadline for talk proposals
  - Dec 17th 2018:  announcement of the final schedule
  - Feb  2nd 2019:  FOSDEM!


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