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Re: a small example of a REPL server

From: Christopher Lam
Subject: Re: a small example of a REPL server
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2018 09:21:17 +0800
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I saw a cute oneliner recently that I didn't note down, the gist of it was as follows

(let loop ((lp (interaction-environment)))
  (display (eval (read) lp))
  (loop lp))

Note the second line is very nearly read-eval-print-loop ;-)

On 28/11/18 6:53 pm, Catonano wrote:
Could anyone write a small example of a REPL server for me ?

The manual indicates some functions but then the code for the REPL is

A really small example, like the one for reading strings from the current
input port that I offered in another thread, would help

 From that, I could start for learning how to make it concurrent and maybe
let it talk a different protocol


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