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Matrix or array operations library

From: Zelphir Kaltstahl
Subject: Matrix or array operations library
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2018 23:01:39 +0100
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Hello Guile Users,

Is there some library, that enables high performance matrix operations
or even n-dimensional array operations? I am thinking of something like
NumPy in the Python ecosystem. I think NumPy in turn also uses some
lower level thing to do what it does. I think OpenBLAS or MKL, depending
on the architecture. I wonder if there is any wrapper around OpenBLAS
for Guile or something similar.

I am writing a little code for matrix operations and currently I am
using Guile arrays, as they are made of vectors and have constant access
time, which is already great. My guess is, that this would be the right
choice if using pure Guile. I am writing data abstraction procedures, so
that later on I could exchange what is used to represent the data.

Maybe, if there is something like NumPy or lower level, I should use
that instead? (Would I have to learn how to use FFI first?)

Or maybe Guile's implementation is already so fast, that it would not
make that much difference to use a lower level thing?

Currently I have only a little experimental program, started today, so
no huge plan. OK, one can fantasize about stuff like Pandas data frames
in Guile, but I have no illusion, that it is a work of a few days or
even weeks. It would be nice to learn, how to use a low level thing or
maybe even Pandas, if there are any such bindings for Guile. I could
make the implementation use different representations, depending on a
parameter or something like that.



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