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Re: g-golf status

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: g-golf status
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2019 01:05:32 -0300

Hi Mike,

> I notice you've been making some commits on g-golf.  How's the state of the
> project?

Yes, I am actively working on it, and made good progress, but it is, from a user
point of view, unusable still: although everything that 'is there' is working, 
still misses some fundamental pieces of the puzzle, and those will likely take 
me a
few more months ... 
> I've been playing with GObject from the other (guile-gi) codebase, and
> it is a bit of a nightmare.  Through brute force, it is beginning to
> work, but, there is no methodology behind the work.  It is all
> spaghetti.

Ah, I currently recommend those who ask 'how can I use 'modern' gnome from 
guile ...'
to use guile-gi :), it is the only working GI binding we have at the moment, 
and I
didn't think its code base was 'that bad', at the contrary ... It also seemed 
to me
you were reusing quite a lot of code from pygobject, so I thought you were happy
with the design and the coding ... 

Also, I did see Jan made some very good comment about it recently, and I was 
to see you (both) were able to collaborate and patch it so fast ... so, it seems
it's working quite well ...

Anyway, G-Golf is 'on its way', but it will take a bit of time still before it's
'really' usable ... and I thought that you would still develop and maintain
guile-gi anyway, you invested quite a lot in it ...


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