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[PATCH 1-2/2] Emacsy buffer.scm fixes, opt argument for `switch-to-buffe

From: Amar Singh
Subject: [PATCH 1-2/2] Emacsy buffer.scm fixes, opt argument for `switch-to-buffer'
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2019 19:51:04 +0530

Emacsy's `set-buffer!' does not seem to work, and `switch-to-buffer'
does a bit more than just switch to the given buffer(it also re-orders
the buffer-stack). Maybe an optional argument to `switch-to-buffer'
should be provided if the user also wants to set the current buffer as
most recently used in `buffer-stack'. WDYT?

Both, resetting buffer order, and not touching it are useful behaviours.

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