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Re: Guile and Libsecret?

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: Guile and Libsecret?
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2019 15:29:59 -0300

Hi Jonathan,

> My understanding is that it would be done via Libsecret (hence the
> subject) though anyone correct me if I'm mistaken about anything
> here, in any way.

> Ideally, I'm just looking to store a password in Gnome Keyring via
> Guile and, later, pulling out that password, once more, so I'm trying
> to see if, possibly, anything already exists out there for that.

'Technically', since there is a gir typelib for libsecret, you should be
able to use it either with guile-gi (1) or g-golf (2) - but be aware
that both projects are still being developed, so you'd need to be
ready to help (with snipset examples mostly) and be patient ... 

Using g-golf, you'd do (assuming you installed the gir1.2-secret-1,
so the Secret-1.typelib is available):

        ,use (g-golf)
        (gi-import "Secret")

        then call the secret-* procedures ... 

Though I see it uses GHashTables, which I didn't bind yet,
something I can solve relatively quickly ... let me know if you wish to
try that route, what is the minimum set of g-hash-* functions that
would get you started ... I'll bind those 'in priority' ...




        if you are interested, you should install from the source, and
        checkout the devel branch

        I am very regularly on irc, freenode, channel #guile, my
        nick is daviid

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