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Re: Guile Studio's goals (and home)

From: sirgazil
Subject: Re: Guile Studio's goals (and home)
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2020 09:58:22 -0500
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 ---- On Tue, 25 Feb 2020 04:12:31 -0500 Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> wrote 
 > Hi!
 > > • What are Guile Studio's goals?
 > The pretentiously named “Guile Studio” arose from the observation that
 > we often tell new Guile users to learn how to use Emacs first in order
 > to get a comfortable Guile development experience.  Since Emacs has
 > really quirky defaults that don’t mesh with the expectations of people
 > who learn a new programming language, this can be so discouraging
 > that the person abandons the initial goal of learning Guile.
 > Many people in the past had the idea to “fix” Emacs.  “Guile Studio” is
 > not intended to be yet another Emacs starter kit like Prelude, Doom, or
 > Spacemacs.  Instead it tries to focus on just Guile, going as far as to
 > remove “Emacs” from the window title and the menus.
 > My goal was to provide a friendly editor that does not require any
 > configuration to use and play with Guile.  You install Guile Studio and
 > get started right away.  It tries to be what Dr Racket is for Racket and
 > what RStudio is for R.
 > This is why Guile Studio comes with the picture language and immediately
 > spawns a Geiser session where it can be used.  It hides Emacs clutter
 > from the menus and adds menu items that are relevant to new Guile users,
 > such as a link to the Guile manual.  It aims to handle documentation
 > buffers specially to avoid the confusion that comes with Emacs-typical
 > “buffer clutter”.  It uses CUA key bindings to avoid annoying surprises.
 > Everything that serves to avoid confusion is welcome in Guile Studio.
 > > • What is its relationship with the GNU Guile project?
 > There is none.  I’m just a Guile enthusiast who thought that Guile
 > Studio would be a good thing to build.
 > > • The homepage field in the Guix package points to GNU Guile's
 > > website. Should I send future questions and issues to Guile's lists
 > > and issue tracker?
 > I don’t know.  Whether to use the Guile bug tracker is up for the Guile
 > maintainers to decide.  I think it’s fine to use the guile-user list,
 > though.  I’m subscribed to guile-user.
 > > • Current Guile Studio version is 0.0.2. Any plans for a future version?
 > Once Emacs 27 is released I’ll probably have to adjust a few things.
 > Perhaps I’ll also configure the use of tabs then.
 > There are many more things that could be done to improve the experience
 > (buffer handling is still a big pain point; documentation needs to be
 > better integrated, etc), but I don’t think I can spend as much time on
 > this as I used to.  I’ll gladly discuss and merge patches, though.
 > Thank you for your interest in Guile Studio!

No, thank you for the detailed information.

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