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Python on guile

From: Stefan Israelsson Tampe
Subject: Python on guile
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2020 22:28:01 +0100

Hi all,

Now in corona times I'm working quite a lot with python-on-guile fixing
bugs in the parser and compiler. Trying to add and test more python
modules. My test case is to get IPython running on python on guile. Some of
the python library code is very advanced python so getting it working is a
great test case. My latest addition is to generate AST from python code. I
have an AST of my own but the translation is quite transparent. I also
managed to get the python module compiling and running. That was
quite a challenge as it is quite a lot af meta programming that was hard to
get working. I also have been working hard to get autocompilation of python
code working for guile 3.0.0 and are quite happy now with it. I also
sielenced a lot of variable warnings that was wrong. So no usually those
warnings are spot on and very helpful. I will continue to work on getting
better feedback in the compiler to detect errors. I also want to see if I
can do anything with the ctypes package as well. I think the gule ffi is
comparable to ctypes. Else I will continue to see what I can do with the
ipython package.

Happy Hacking

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