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Re: Loading multiple versions of a Module

From: Martin Becze
Subject: Re: Loading multiple versions of a Module
Date: Sun, 03 May 2020 16:13:49 -0500

Would this be something that is open to change? Would there be an objections to 
changing this behavior? I think this problem will hurt modularity and growth of 
the guile ecosystem in the future. From a cursory look at the code I don't see 
any technical reason for this. 

On May 3, 2020 2:33:50 PM CDT, "Ludovic Courtès" <address@hidden> wrote:
>Hi Martin,
>Martin Becze <address@hidden> skribis:
>> Guile currently doesn't allow loading multiple versions of a Module. For
>> example this will not work.
>> --- start.scm
>> (import (a) (b (2)))
>> (helloA)
>> (helloB)
>> --- a/a.scm
>> (library (a)
>>   (export helloA)
>>   (import (rnrs) (b (1)))
>>   (define helloA (lambda ()
>>                (display "hello from A1\n")
>>                (helloB))))
>> --- b1/b.scm
>> (library (b (1))
>>  (export helloB)
>>  (import (rnrs)))
>> (define helloB (lambda ()
>>               (display "hello from B1\n")))
>> --- b2/b.scm
>> (library (b (2))
>>  (export helloB)
>>  (import (rnrs))
>>  (define helloB (lambda () (display "hello from B2\n"))))
>> Is there are away to get around this? What is the reason for this
>> behavior? Is it part of r6rs or something?
>I’m not sure what R6RS says, but Guile supports only one instance of a
>module with a given name at run time.
>The only way around it would be to give the two modules different names.

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