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Re: Functional hashtables

From: Linus Björnstam
Subject: Re: Functional hashtables
Date: Wed, 06 May 2020 15:32:53 +0200
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My code is still using mercurial. I will migrate it to git when I have the time.

  Linus Björnstam

On Wed, 6 May 2020, at 13:24, Christopher Lemmer Webber wrote:
> Linus Björnstam writes:
> > I made a module out of Andy's dash (and added some comfort functions
> > over fash-fold):
> >
> BTW, I am getting:
> cwebber@twig:~/devel$ git clone
> Cloning into 'guile-fash'...
> fatal: repository '' not found

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