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Re: C programs in Scheme syntax

From: Jan Wedekind
Subject: Re: C programs in Scheme syntax
Date: Fri, 29 May 2020 21:01:18 +0100
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I have implemented a GNU Guile extension which compiles array operations to 
machine code using LLVM:
I thought you might be interested since your example is an array operation.


Am 29. Mai 2020 04:23:46 GMT+01:00 schrieb Keith Wright <>:
>I am thinkging about a project that uses Scheme macros
>to generate C code.  To this end I want to encode C 
>programs as S-expressions.  For example, the C program
>that is encoded in Ascii as
>for (j=0;j<12;++j) a[j] = j*pi/6;
>might be encoded as an S-expression as
>(for ((= j 0)(< j 12) (++ j)) (= (sub a j)(/ (* j pi) 6)))
>Note that this is not a valid Scheme program, even with
>non-standard functions defined.  It is a re-encoding
>of the Ascii C syntax as an S-expression.
>I think I have read about something like this, perhaps
>on this list, I am not sure.  (Note to future language
>inventors: a single letter name makes a horrible Google
>search query.  Name things with made up but pronouncable
>words---perl, fortran...)
>I most need to convert S-expr encoded C, to Ascii encoded C,
>but I am interested in
>(a) programs to convert S-expresions to C
>(b) specifications for the form of the S-expr encoding
>(c) better plans; advice from those who have tried and failed.
>Any pointers?
>   -- Keith

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