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Guile-SQLite3 0.1.1 released

From: Danny Milosavljevic
Subject: Guile-SQLite3 0.1.1 released
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2020 23:13:57 +0200

I’m pleased to announce Guile-SQLite3 version 0.1.1:

  git clone
  cd guile-sqlite3
  git checkout v0.1.1
  git tag -v v0.1.1

The ‘git tag -v’ command checks the authenticity of your checkout.
You may need to retrieve the signing key first:

  gpg --keyserver
  --recv-keys 76CEC6B17274B465C02DB3D9E71A35542C30BAA5

Guile-SQLite3 provides Guile 2.x and Guile 3.x bindings to the SQLite database
It was originally written by Andy Wingo, with contributions from several

Changes to the previous release are:

* sqlite-finalize: Reset statement when called on cached statement.
* Fix memory management of retrieved blob values.


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