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Naming conventions

From: Simen Endsjø
Subject: Naming conventions
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 2020 13:05:34 +0200
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Hi, I'm quite new to scheme/lisp and haven't coded in a dynamic language in many years. I notice there are some naming conventions, but I'm not sure how they are
used/supposed to be used.

- *symbol* :: ? Global scope variable?
- SYMBOL :: ? Also global scope variable?
- %symbol :: ? private function?
- %symbol% :: ? private variable?
- symbol* :: ? extended version of function with same name?
- symbol? :: predicate function returning bool
- symbol! :: Non-pure/mutating function?- <<symbol>> :: ?
- <symbol> :: ? As a macro parameter, and symbol will be defined in parent scope..?
- <<symbol>> :: ?
- type1->type2 :: convertion from type1 to type2

What does all of these mean? Are some of them anti-patterns/deprecated? Are there others?

I also see functions named type-operation and operation-type. Is one preferable to the other?

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