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Re: "Missing" libraries/concepts found in other languages/ecosystems?

From: Zelphir Kaltstahl
Subject: Re: "Missing" libraries/concepts found in other languages/ecosystems?
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2020 20:22:17 +0200
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Hi Simen!

On 7/8/20 6:00 PM, wrote:
> Hi, I'm new to scheme/lisp, so I'm trying to find out how to do 
> things the "lisp
> way". On the other hand, I like things from other ecosystems too, 
> and I'm having
> problems finding this for Guile. It might be because there's no 
> need for it/I'm
> terrible at searching/nobody had the time yet, or something else.
> I've been trying to find implementations for 
> without any
> luck. And I'm unable to find implementation of FP concepts as 
> found in Haskell
> and other languages. Functor, Monad, lenses (and other helpers for 
> working with
> immutable data).
> Does things like this exists, or is it better to use something 
> else?
> Regards Simen

To what others already have written I will add:

>From time to time one can copy ideas from Racket or look at what exists
in Racket for solving a problem or seeing what the approach is.

Catonano identified already the lack of examples in the Guile guide. I
fight with that myself, so I created a repository with examples. Perhaps
I should somehow add them to the guide. I've not looked into how to do
that. Probably some commit in a repo somewhere for the guide:

Hope this can help!

If you want to create something the Guile ecosystem lacks, I guess you
can find things from other language ecosystems, but it is probably a
good idea to ask in specific about anything existing on the mailing list
and I don't know where else.

So far we have GNU Artanis and the very basic web server module(s). So
in the area of web development on the server side, there is probably a
lot of space for improvements.

On the other hand we Schemers are often minimalistic people in our
approach to programming. Or is that by accident?


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