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Re: "Missing" libraries/concepts found in other languages/ecosystems?

From: Leo Butler
Subject: Re: "Missing" libraries/concepts found in other languages/ecosystems?
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2020 13:12:27 -0500
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Zelphir Kaltstahl <> writes:


> To what others already have written I will add:
> From time to time one can copy ideas from Racket or look at what exists
> in Racket for solving a problem or seeing what the approach is.
> Catonano identified already the lack of examples in the Guile guide. I
> fight with that myself, so I created a repository with examples. Perhaps
> I should somehow add them to the guide. I've not looked into how to do
> that. Probably some commit in a repo somewhere for the guide:
> Hope this can help!

Oh yes, thank you. That repository is a gem.

(I think it wouldn't take too much work to transform the repo as is into
a texinfo document on its own.)


The guile guide has been knocked. I agree that it could use more
examples, but I have found it is well-written and accurate.


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