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Starting a GNU Guile awesome list

From: Zelphir Kaltstahl
Subject: Starting a GNU Guile awesome list
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2020 23:19:50 +0200
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Hello Guile Users,

I followed up on that idea I mentioned recently on the mailing list and
started creating an awesome list:

I'd prefer to render only the org-mode file, as that is what I write and
feel most comfortable in, but I decided that the wrong / incomplete
rendering on notabug would seriously limit accessibility, so I exported
markdown and texinfo from org-mode.

If you know more things, which should be added to the list, please tell
me or create a PR or open an issue or … you get it.

Also links to usage examples would be very welcome.

I would like to keep the list informal and easily extendable. A few
questions though:

  * Do you think license information should be written next to each item
    in the list?
  * Do you think each item should have a short description or not? Or
    perhaps whenever one is readily available?
  * Do you think the rendered should be handwritten instead of
    exported from org-mode? (Perhaps I should not ask this question …
    the amount of markdown typing … my fingers hurt.)

Best regards,


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