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Re: No Guile on Windows? (was: My Guile Hacker Handbook)

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: No Guile on Windows? (was: My Guile Hacker Handbook)
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2020 00:48:35 -0300


> > > ### On Windows
> > > No solution yet.  

fwiw, i've used msys2 (not so much anymore, but i still would if i had
to ...), easy to install, update, well maintained, very friendly on irc
when i needed to ask for help ...:

it has guile-2.2.7-1, threaded (which I've used. it works ...)

for me, it was fantastic _not to have to deal_ with ouindoze on
ouindoze, so msys2, its numerous packages ... and guile-2.2.7-1
'saved my life' :)

        dowload the lastest msys2
        double-click -> linux terminal
        use pacman (*) to update and install new packages


        ** Update

        pacman -Syu
        pacman -Su

        ** Packages

        pacman -S emacs
        pacman -S guile
        pacman -S libguile
        pacman -S libguile-devel

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