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Re: [bootstrappable] Re: Can Guile be bootstrapped from source without p

From: Michael Schierl
Subject: Re: [bootstrappable] Re: Can Guile be bootstrapped from source without psyntax-pp.scm?
Date: Thu, 13 May 2021 22:22:44 +0200
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Hello all,

Am 16.03.2021 um 09:59 schrieb Andy Wingo:
On Mon 15 Mar 2021 20:50, Michael Schierl <> writes:

In Guile 3.0.3 they broke even the `make ice-9/psyntax-pp.scm.gen`
target, and did not repair it even in Guile 3.0.5, that's why I used
3.0.2 for the bootstrap.

Strange -- I used it many times over the past couple months without
problems.  But I see now from your patches what the issue was -- and omg
how embarrassing, I must have a stale canonicalize.go file hanging
around in the tree.  Goes to show how important bootstrapping is!

Yes. Stale files required for building are an even bigger problem than
non-source artifacts in the source code required for building...

As the psyntax-pp.scm.gen target was fixed in 3.0.7, I updated my
bootstrap (the changes where fairly minor):

I also pushed two tags (guile-3.0.2 and guile 3.0.7) to the repo so that
users can have stable links for bootstrapping a particular Guile version
without having to fetch a particular commit id.



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