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Re: Procedure arity and documentation

From: Zelphir Kaltstahl
Subject: Re: Procedure arity and documentation
Date: Thu, 27 May 2021 19:23:02 +0000

Hi Taylan!

Hm. I see.

I am not quite sure I understand the implications of this. Am I still safe, if I
rely on procedure-minimum-arity, or is that just asking for my code to break at
a later point in time?


On 5/27/21 12:23 PM, Taylan Kammer wrote:
> On 26.05.2021 21:33, Zelphir Kaltstahl wrote:
>> Is that a bug, or is it, because I am trying to use it in the REPL and there 
>> my
>> procedure is not compiled?
>> Best regards,
>> Zelphir
> There's a relevant bug report I looked into recently:
> Quoting myself:
> It seems that commit 1c33be992e8120abd20add8021e4d91d226f5b6a removed
> much of the programs API at the C level but forgot to make the changes
> to the corresponding Scheme module.  (It was a big commit, part of
> changing the whole VM implementation.)

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