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Re: Meaning of <=> in the context of procedures

From: Linus Björnstam
Subject: Re: Meaning of <=> in the context of procedures
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2021 18:12:42 +0200
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It is a trick to allow using the symbol '<=> as an identifier instead of 
quoting it. Nothing special. Guile-json probably uses it somehow.

If it is used as auxiliary syntax in a macro, it is probably exported so guile 
can warn that it is being shadowed instead of (or rather: in addition to) 
producing bad error messages.

  Linus Björnstam

On Wed, 2 Jun 2021, at 16:06, Mortimer Cladwell wrote:
> Hi,
> What does <=> mean/do?
> It can be found in guile-json in the (json record) module, line 33:
> 33 #:export (<=> define-json-mapping define-json-type))
> Not mentioned in the entire Guile manual. Happens to be defined on line 36
> of the module:
> 36  (define <=> '<=>)
> I didn't find that very helpful :)
> Thanks
> Mortimer

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