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Re: Guile 3.0.7 compile cache messages

From: Adriano Peluso
Subject: Re: Guile 3.0.7 compile cache messages
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2021 22:51:56 +0200

Il giorno mer, 02/06/2021 alle 12.20 +0000, Zelphir Kaltstahl ha
> > > > 

> How do I go about it? Simply removing the cache folder the messages
> point to?
> And what commands would that alternative workflow entail?

I skimmed your project and I see that there's only one dependency:

In fact, being the needs of your project so minimal, using a Guix
environment is a bit of an overkill

The way to deal with developing a project that is distrubuted throug
Guix would be to have and environment (or a profile) based on your

In such environment you would have a shell with all your project
dependencies in it BUT your project itself

So you would git checkout your project within such environment and you
could build it, run the tests (if there are any) and generally work
with it in such a shell

as far as I understand (I stil don't know how channels work) you have
installed your project with Guix AND you are working on it

That's why the compiled code is in 2 different places

One of them was installed by Guix and another one has been put there by
Guile when it has autocompiled it

You can

1) cancel the cache in your home folder
2) remove the package installed by Guix (maybe also garbage collect the

3) create a guix environment for your project

The Guix cookbook has a paragraph on the difference between Guix
profiles and Guix environments and also the Guix blog has something
about this

I'd also discuss this on the guix mailing list as people there are more
immediately ready to discuss scenarios involving Guix

Hope this helps

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