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Re: %load-path

From: Zelphir Kaltstahl
Subject: Re: %load-path
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2021 11:32:52 +0000

Hello Damien,

Until today I was not aware, that there is a use-modules with slash notation.

I have found, that modifying the load-path is usually not, what I want in the
end. I prefer to use the -L argument for telling Guile, which directories it
should start "looking from" when processing the list in a (use-modules ...)

Unfortunately I do not know, whether anything relating to that changed.

Best regards,

On 6/12/21 10:47 AM, Damien Mattei wrote:
> hi,
> i had :
> ;; set current path in load path
> (set! %load-path (reverse (cons "." (reverse %load-path))))
> in my .guile
> in guile 2.*
> and i was able to load module like that:
> (not sure it is correct to do that)
> (use-modules (guile/growable-vector))
> and now it works with:
> (use-modules (guile growable-vector))
> in guile 2.* the beahvior was exactly opposite: the first example worked
> not the second
> did someone know if it changed? or a possible problem in my config files?
> Damien


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