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Re: guile studio - question

From: Adriano Peluso
Subject: Re: guile studio - question
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2021 08:17:08 +0200

Il giorno ven, 18/06/2021 alle 11.25 +0200, Ricardo Wurmus ha scritto:

> Would you prefer a button in the toolbar that will always send the 
> code from the main buffer to the REPL?

Personally, I would prefer a toolbar with a button in it, yes

The simple reason is that this solution would be similar to what
DrRacket has and has had for a long time

So guile studio could play the simililarity card

What would be really required, here, is a consideration of which
population guile studio is meant for and then an investigation with
such population

But I understand that that's not within reach

Some years ago I was enabled to work on a little project in Clojure
thanks to a thing called "Emacs Live"

It's here

it's a .emacs.d folder that you replace your one with

and it gives you a complete environement, based on Emacs, to work with

With REPL, autocompletion and all the features of a modern IDE (we
should discuss what "modern" mean because the Smalltalk IDE was way
more modern than many IDEs for java these days)

So this idea of a distribution of Emacs taylored to introduce people to
Guile is a good idea


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