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Re: Contract programming in Guile

From: Linus Björnstam
Subject: Re: Contract programming in Guile
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 08:34:01 +0200
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Hah! That copyright statement is a lie, it seems.

The original code is for scheme48 and is almost 20 years old, but I cleaned it 
up and published it in 2017. My intention back in 2017 was to create 
first-class contracts and use the module system to allow for checked and 
unchecked imports, but I got a kid in addition to being naturally quite lazy, 
so that never happened.

  Linus Björnstam

On Sun, 18 Jul 2021, at 18:50, Kjetil Matheussen wrote:
> Linus Björnstam:
> >
> > I wrote this a billion million years ago: 
> >
> >
> You know you're getting old when people look back on 2017 as a
> "billion million years ago". :-)

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