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Trouble creating SRFI-9 Record in C

From: paul
Subject: Trouble creating SRFI-9 Record in C
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2021 12:27:27 +1000
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Good day guile-users,

I am having a struggle with SRFI-9 records. They look very convenient, so i'd like to use them in my Guile scripts. However, i'm not sure how to correctly construct them from C-land. I have something like the following:

(define-record-type <foo>
 (make-foo a b)
 (a foo-a)
 (b foo-b))

In Guile land, that works great. Now, i want to create a foo in C and pass it to a function in the Guile script. I do something like the following:


However, this results in an error:

guile: uncaught exception:
Wrong type to apply: #<syntax-transformer make-foo>

I've tried with and without (define-module foo) at the top of the file, that doesn't seem to make a difference. I've been able to work around the issue by defining a wrapper (define (foo-prime a b) (make-foo a b)) and using that in C as shown above, but that feels ugly. I'm probably missing something obvious, but trawling the mailing list didn't turn up anything i could understand.

Does anyone see what i'm doing wrong, or can i simply not use SRFI-9 records in this way?

Thanks, 🙌

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