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Re: [ANN] Scheme-GNUnet 0.2 released

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: Re: [ANN] Scheme-GNUnet 0.2 released
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2022 22:08:59 +0100
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Keith Wright schreef op do 03-02-2022 om 15:39 [-0500]:
> Maxime Devos <> writes:
> > The source code can be found at <>,
> > I can send a copy of the manual (PDF, HTML or TeXmacs) by mail if desired.
> Would it not be easier to put the documentation in the same place
> as the source code?  (Possibly in a separate directory)

It is, in doc/ in the git repo!  And after running
"make", you can find the HTML in doc/scheme-gnunet.html and

> As a proponent of literate programming (cf Knuth), I think the
> human readable documentation is part of the source code.
> An onle machine readable program, even if it is in some "high level"
> language, is really no better than a binary "blob", which
> could be de-compiled.

There's some comments and docstrings in the various .scm source files
explaining things.  It's not really ‘Knuth-level’ literate programming
though, were the ‘executable’ source code is extracted from the manual,
if that's what you were referring to here.


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