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Re: Ideas for making Guile easier to approach

From: Mikael Djurfeldt
Subject: Re: Ideas for making Guile easier to approach
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2022 12:27:31 +0100

Den ons 9 feb. 2022 21:12Christine Lemmer-Webber <>

> ice-9 -> guile
> --------------
> I think that ice-9 is a weird namespace for "guile's standard library"
> but it's what we have for historical reasons.  Still I would have
> preferred that namespace simply be "guile", so we have (guile match) and
> (guile format) instead of (ice-9 ...).  It would be clearer what ice-9
> *is* to have it be called "guile" instead.  But maybe it's too late for
> that.  How much work would it be to do an alias like this?

Indeed. And, no, I don't think it is a lot of work at all. We should have
an easy way to create module aliases, rename it, setup ice-9 as an alias
and deprecate it.

 But, I wonder if "guile" is the right name? Does that mean that the other
sibling directories, like "language", "oop" and "sxml" is *not* guile?
Perhaps "base" or "core" are good alternatives?

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