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Re: Ideas for making Guile easier to approach

From: Olivier Dion
Subject: Re: Ideas for making Guile easier to approach
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2022 13:25:24 -0500

On Thu, 10 Feb 2022, Leo Butler <> wrote:

> It would be a pity to deprecate and/or remove that little bit of
> culture for the sake of...OTOH, creating a workable system that
> allowed one to dynamically alias modules would definitely be useful.

The cultural reference can still be there in the manual and the module
has to be there for retro compatibility in any case.

The OTOH is actually very important IMO.  What paul said in his message
is also true for me.  I though that ice-9 what some hack library that
had nothing to do with Guile at first.  Yes yes you eventually
understand when you stumble across the *10 lines out of 800 pages* that
ice-9 is the Guile standard library, but it would be easier if it was
(guile) or (core) or something that is actually meaningful for newcomers
before reading those 10 lines.

For me, module aliases would be the perfect solution to all of this.

Olivier Dion

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