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Re: Proposal: Deep Dive into the Guile Docs & Makeover Proposal

From: Olivier Dion
Subject: Re: Proposal: Deep Dive into the Guile Docs & Makeover Proposal
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2022 12:48:32 -0500

On Thu, 17 Feb 2022, Blake Shaw <> wrote:

> looking forward to any feedback.

Some things that I think could use some improvement:

     When you play a video while you're talking, make sure that the
     volume of the video is very low so we can still hear you.  For
     example, around 4.20 I can't hear you anymore (headphone).  At
     least the music is good.

     There's time where you say Guix when you meant Guile or Scheme I
     think.  For example around 13.40, you show a Git tree as a S-exp
     and refer to Guix.

     Looks like there's a latency between the audio and video.  Maybe
     it's peertube and not your recorder.

     If you use the REPL again for a presentation that is presented
     live, I would suggest to add page number so that it's easier to ask
     questions and reference the good slide.  In theory, one can use the
     $* variable of the REPL for that also.

The very good points of your presentation I think are:

  Your language is impeccable and very cleared/articulated.

  I like that you show your real world usage of Guile.  I feel that it's
  very important to show what Guile is capable of and that it can be
  used in a professional working environment.

Overall, a great presentation.

For your `scribble jam` project, maybe you should look into
guile-chickadee <>.  It's a
game development toolkit -- based on guile-opengl -- which I think
support most of what you want.  So you could use it in some way for your

Other comments:

      For `Initialization with C` I would call it `C runtime initialization`.

      IMO, `Snarfing macro` should be in the same section as FFI.

      `Scheduling` -> `Multi-Threading` | `Parallelism`.

      `GOOPS` should be under `Guile Modules` or renamed to `Object
      Oriented Programming` like `Functionnal programming`.

      SXML is not just used in Web.  So I'm not sure if it should be
      under the same section.  Perhaps under parsing?

      `File Tree Walk` moved to `File System` and rename `POSIX/File System` 
      to just `File System`.

Best regards,

Olivier Dion

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