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Re: code review request

From: adriano
Subject: Re: code review request
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2022 11:51:52 +0100

Il giorno sab, 26/02/2022 alle 11.36 -0500, Vijay Marupudi ha scritto:
> > I get a result I don't understand: this return 2 values
> Reading the source code, the second value is an implementation
> detail,
> keeping track of the visited directories.
> > One is expected, it's the one I wanted to produce
> Great! I would ignore the second value, because it is a by product of
> the recursive implementation of file-system-fold, where it passes the
> visited list to recursive invocations of itself.
> ~ Vijay

Thank you 

The manual says:

" Files and directories, as identified by their device/inode number
pair, are traversed only once. "

I assumed this meant this was kept track of internally, I didn't expect
this to be part of what the procedure returns

Thanks again

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