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good papers on graphics in scheme/lisp?

From: Blake Shaw
Subject: good papers on graphics in scheme/lisp?
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2022 23:56:09 +0700

Hiya Guilers,

Blake here, who delivered the presentation on the Guile documentation
for Guix Days recently[1]. I'm in the process of gathering a summary
of the proposed changes which I'll send out in the next week or two,
but in the meantime I was hoping I can pick your brains on other

Next week I will start working on my installation /Scribble Jam/ for
iLight Singapore[2], and I'm planning to do it all in Guile OpenGL +
GLSL. I've started fiddling with Guile OpenGL and it seems pretty
complete and performant (I haven't experienced any GC hiccups from the
small stress tests I've put it through, but its still only minor stuff).
There is still a chance I might choose to create a Guile interface to
a subset of the C++ OpenFrameworks[3] library, which I have a fair amount
of production experience with, to create something equivalent to
Clojure's Quil which wraps Processing, but I won't decide until I do a
little solo hackathon this weekend to compare the two options. 

But anyway, thats not actually what I came here to discuss. I usually
like to use these commissions to dive into some good literature and
experiment with novel techniques along the way. I know I have read in
in the past that Lisp actually has quite a long history of being used
in VFX, and I'm wondering if anyone here knows of any decent papers that
discuss the use of Lisp in general, and perhaps Scheme in particular,
for rendering graphics. Having some nice literature to dig into along
the way makes doing this kind of work all the more enjoyable. 

Also, one last thing, I'm considering attempting to create a DSL that
compiles to a subset of GLSL like Chicken's GLLS library[4], as I'm
becoming more and more interested in compilation. I remember reading
somewhere about a Guile library that allows you to write C in Guile, and
figure that could be a good source, as GLSL is C-like. Does anybody know
what project I'm talking about, and where I can find it? I've searched
quite a bit but can't find it -- nevertheless, I'm convinced it was a
guile project and I wasn't merely mixing things up.

thanks & happy hacking!

[2] it's discussed in the above video within the first 20 min for those


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