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Re: rfc: next guile 1.8.x release

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: rfc: next guile 1.8.x release
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2022 19:11:35 -0500
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() "Dr. Arne Babenhauserheide" <>
() Tue, 09 Mar 2021 08:14:07 +0100

   How about taking this at literal value and creating an
   ugg8-repository: Unofficial GNU Guile 1.8? That carries with
   it the connotations of keeping to plain, strong values
   without fundamental changes, and picking up from the 8, so it
   isn’t limited to the minor number behind 1.8.x (with x > 8).

Please see: <>.  I think
sooner or later the Official Guile maintainers will come around
to see that such a repo (whether on Savannah or Gitlab or ...)
represents a good incubation ground for future hackers, where
the old curmudgeons (i.e., Yours Truly) can mix w/ the new blood
and in the process hone their chops to be official maintainers
in their own right.

If, OTOH, this never happens, well, let that be a lesson for the
idealists and their efforts at pulling down The Wall.  :-D

Since HUGE hopes for re-merge Some Day, i will manage it wearing
my GNU maintainer hat, w/ additional TTN-specific requirements:

- Use TTN-style commit log entries (see, e.g., GNU RCS).
  (However, no need to actually maintain ChangeLog files.)

- "Don't break userland."

- Focus on documentation / bug fixes / implementation quality.

Who knows, maybe Good Things can be forward- and backward- and
sideways-ported to/from HUGE in the years to come.  May all of
Guile-dom benefit from the participation of HUGE hackers!

In order to not corrupt the precious bittily fluids of the HUGE
repo itself (which, as said earlier, is hoped to be a candidate
for re-merge Some Day by more enlightened Guile maintainers),
i'll probably create another repo "HUGE-META" which will have
HUGE as a submodule, where non-GNU-ish stuff can happen.  Like
everything, depends on interest and available energy, i suppose.
(Or maybe someone else can do that.)

Lastly, i get the vibe that Source Hut is all the rage, but my
Day Job doesn't have health insurance, so i'm scrimping by on
the gratis substrates for now.  Let's see how that goes...

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