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Re: good papers on graphics in scheme/lisp?

From: Blake Shaw
Subject: Re: good papers on graphics in scheme/lisp?
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2022 02:10:15 +0700

Olivier Dion <> writes:

> On Wed, 02 Mar 2022, Blake Shaw <> wrote:
>> Next week I will start working on my installation /Scribble Jam/ for
>> iLight Singapore[2], and I'm planning to do it all in Guile OpenGL +
>> GLSL. I've started fiddling with Guile OpenGL and it seems pretty
>> complete and performant (I haven't experienced any GC hiccups from the
>> small stress tests I've put it through, but its still only minor
>> stuff).
>> There is still a chance I might choose to create a Guile
>> interface to a subset of the C++ OpenFrameworks[3] library
> FFI for C++ is a real pain to do.  You can't juste use plain Scheme (at
> least I don't know how for C++).  If you go that route, I have C++
> templates that can help you for the glue between Scheme and C++
> (e.g. std::vector, std::map, std::string).

Thanks for this heads up, I've been curious about the C++ FFI experience
in Guile (while less excited about actually getting into the
weeds). If I go this route, I'll probably wind up approaching it from
using libguile, adding a guile interpreter as an abstraction layer over 
the creative coding I'm doing in C++, as my experience with that has so
far been pretty straight forward (in pure C). But I also worry that if
I go down this route, out of habit and familiarity I'll for the most
part just end up doing the whole thing in C++, with Guile acting as more
of a sort of controller for livecoding. Which could end up really great!
I'll be putting a couple days aside this coming week to take it for a
test drive with old projects to see how it feels.

But after some hacking tonight I'm feeling pretty excited about the
pure-Scheme route, so if it appears feasible after weighing my options
it will certainly be the direction I head in.
>> Also, one last thing, I'm considering attempting to create a DSL that
>> compiles to a subset of GLSL like Chicken's GLLS library[4], as I'm
>> becoming more and more interested in compilation. I remember reading
>> somewhere about a Guile library that allows you to write C in Guile,
> I think you are refering to
> <>.
Yes! thank you so much, this is it. And looking through the code base I
can see there are already some pieces there that seem to illustrate how
to work out formatting issues I was confused by as a newcomer to
srfi-159 (which is amazing, I might add for folks searching the
archive. go check it out ASAP:). I've also come across srfi-166, which
is Alex Shinn (same author)'s monadic formatting procedure that deprecates
fmt/srfi-159 in order to improve accuracy and safety, which apparently
caused some minor headaches in glls. so I'll probably be porting
srfi-166 to guile as well :)

I've actually gone ahead and started porting GLLS to Guile and to my
astonishment its been a piece of cake so far. If I keep up this pace I
could even have a working prototyp by the end of the weekend -- but that
just seems to good to be true (am I finally acquiring the famed lisp
super powers? tbd) 
> There's also <> that can be helpful if
> you're familiar with LALR(1) parsers.
> Regards,
> old
yes! nyacc has been extremely helpful. great software, my thanks to the
authors, I was even able to use it to wrap glValidateProgram, which
seems to be fine "out of the box", so to speek.


“In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni”

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