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Guile-SDL Demos 6.0 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Guile-SDL Demos 6.0 available
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2022 00:11:44 -0500

release notes:

  Tested w/ Guile-SDL 0.6.1 (and Guile 2.2.7).

README excerpt:

  This is a collection of small programs released
  under GNU GPL v3 that use Guile-SDL.

NEWS for 6.0 (2022-03-12):

  - minimal Guile-SDL required: Guile-SDL 0.6.1

    This is mainly for the benefit of new demo program ‘mpw’.  The
    configure script checks for this and errors out if unsatisfied.

  - new demo program: ‘mpw’

    This is a "mini PipeWalker" (
    building on the "Hooray!" (
    series of Trip Logs by making the "hooray!" moment fully
    desyncronized, and adding "play mode" (in addition to demo mode)
    featuring toroidal panning (two styles), and variable board size.

    For more information, after configuring: "./demo mpw --help".

    BTW, if you wish to contribute themes, please also consider
    contributing them upstream (to PipeWalker codebase), first.

  - bootstrap/maintenance tools


     GNU gnulib 2022-01-27 07:00:41

    as before:

     Guile-BAUX 20211208.0839.a5245e7
     GNU Autoconf 2.71

source code:

Thien-Thi Nguyen -----------------------------------------------
 (defun responsep (query)               ; (2022) Software Libero
   (pcase (context query)               ;       = Dissenso Etico
     (`(technical ,ml) (correctp ml))
     ...))                              748E A0E8 1CB8 A748 9BFA
--------------------------------------- 6CE4 6703 2224 4C80 7502

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