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[ANN] Guile-ICS 0.2.1 released

From: Artyom V. Poptsov
Subject: [ANN] Guile-ICS 0.2.1 released
Date: Tue, 10 May 2022 16:58:09 +0300
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Hello Guilers,

I'm pleased to announce Guile-ICS 0.2.1:

See the full list of user-visible changes below.

* What is Guile-DSV?

Guile-ICS is an iCalendar format RFC5545 [1] parser for GNU Guile.

* List of user visible changes

Here's an excerpt from the NEWS file:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
* Changes in version 0.2.1 (2022-05-10)
** Guile-ICS now uses SRFI-64 that comes with Guile
** Guile-ICS now builds with Guile 3.0+
** =(ics version)=: New module
The module contains procedures that allow to get Guile-ICS version in various
** Add a GNU Guix recipe to the repository
Now the project can be built and installed as follows:
guix build -f ./guix.scm
guix package -f ./guix.scm
** =ics= command now handles =--version= option
** Generate a man-page from =ics= output.
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

Thanks and happy hacking!

- Artyom


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