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G-Golf - handling of unresloved symbols in gobject-inspection

From: Andy Tai
Subject: G-Golf - handling of unresloved symbols in gobject-inspection
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2022 23:31:06 -0700

G-Golf seems to assume the GObject Inspection (GI) present is the
latest (0.72) and will fail to load if the GI version is older.

For example, on GNU Guix, the GI version is for now at 0.64.  So
G-Golf, when invoked from a guile program using it,  would fail with

;;; In procedure dlsym: Error resolving
undefined symbol: g_callable_info_create_closure"

As different GNU/Linux distributions may ship older versions of GI,
this will prevent G-Golf-using programs from working on them, even if
the functions that are unresolved may be unused and unneeded

Is it possible for G-Golf to ignore such unresolve symbol error and
continue?   Thanks for info on this.

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